Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Field Notes

So, are you a fan of moleskins? You know the hip little note books, that so many of us keep in our back packs to jot down little notes, doodle funny or perhaps dirty cartoons, ideas for screenplays, or perhaps a rough blueprint for your own version of the flux capacitor.

Well, I have never been a complete fan of the moleskin because the two I had used kind of fell apart on me.

So, of course, I tried to go a little too high tech and use my Palm Treo, but the interface was too clunky. I mean I love my Treo, but constantly updating the TO DO LIST function is a real pain sometimes. I just needed something to write down notes, nothing that fancy. Well, I stumbled upon this little product from the folks over at Field Notes. What I love about the new Field Notes notebook is that it's small, and can easily slide into my front or back pocket. It's flexible recycled cardboard cover has simple graphic which is beautiful in it's simplicity. The back flap even has a little 5" ruler! It almost harks back to late 50's kitsch. I think this would have been something scout master handed out to boy scouts back in the day. The folks who designed this little marvel feel it was inspired by, "the vanishing sub genre of agricultural note books and ornate pocket ledgers. Coudal Partners of Chicago Illinois designed the little work horse.

The inside is 1/8' graph paper. Not simple ruled line. So you can do everything from create complex work flow diagrams at work on the fly, or you can create handy neat and concise to do lists. I use it mostly for that, I also use it to jot down notes on repetitions when I lead my Writers Workshop Group on Saturday mornings. I use it to create grocery lists, you name it. I love it.

A mere $9.95 gets you a pack of 3, and they come with a cool pencil and pen set. Which I got to say, I love the pen they give you. I bought six, and I am working my way through #1, and I love it. This one is gaining popularity, and if you do not want to order online, apparently you can find them at Urban Outfitters! Or to order direct, go to or click the link I included above.

Anybody can be cool... But Awesome?

Hey, it's only been a matter of time before I started knocking on the door of a new and improved special super duper Blog! Well, not so much for my own sanity as it's for me to share all my views on this ever changing world! And my journey through it.

I think that this will be a fun blog "Art of Function" is my salute to designers of some of the best gadets, tools, entertainment mediums, software, computer... and general cool stuff on the web.
I will include pictures. I will include witty quotes. I will link you to some of my favorite blogs, and favorite friends via this blog and make sure you stay in tuned.

Also, I will update you on the fun of what it's like to live in Los Angeles, a city I feel contastantly is seeking to up the ante on the ART OF FUNCTION!