Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Get Your JIMI on!

Nope, this is not a BLOG about an ingenious guitar player who died way too soon or a dissertation on the 90's hip hop slang term for birth control. No, this is a blog about a little company who makes a wallet. A very clever wallet called the JIMIx. It has been dubbed an alterna-wallet and also 'the anit-wallet', but for the most part this little 2.5 by 4.5 inch lovely is a great choice for those of you who are looking to dumb down the massive leather ball in chain you have weighing down your back pocket. The Jimi is a plastic case that holds four credit cards and on the exterior it has a lovely little money clip. The hard plastic shell comes in a variety of colors including the blue seen above, orange, clear and black as well as many more. The JIMIx features the money clip on the exterior for you heavy rollers, but if you only keep a few bills on you at a time, then check out the original JIMI which has the clip on the interior of the wallet. This makes it even more streamlined.

I have owned a black JIMIx for about four and a half weeks now, and I love it. As a previous carrier of about 20 different cards, I have slimmed it down to just four, and the other stuff I carry in an old fashioned wallet which lives in a special secret place, but not on my person.

The other nice part about this wallet is the fact it is made from 100% recycled material, and if yours takes a tumble or breaks, you can throw it in with the water bottles (which I hope you have discarded in favor of a SIGG, by now) and it will be recycled with the other reclaimed plastic at your recycle center.

The cost is about $15.00, and I tell you it is worth it, if you want to lighten the load of your pants. Also, do you hate carrying a wallet in your pants at the gym? When you go to do the leg press does your wallet slip out the back of your pocket? Well, there is also a lanyard clip on the Jimi, so you can hang it around your neck. However, your front pocket is now an option because it is so small and light. The heaviest object I now carry around is my cell phone.


Matt said...

The original Kimi holds 4 cardson the one side and one card + cash on the other. With the JimiX, what can you hold in the side that previously held the 1 card/cash, since the cash is now outside?

Matt said...

Sorry, Jimi, not Kimi!

Mick Montgomery said...

That's the odd part. The open space formerly occupied by the clip is just an open area. There is nothing there like an extra credit card holder. I use it to hold receipts and a few business cards.

In the long run...I would recommend just getting the original Jimi over the JimiX unless you carry a mobster roll of cash.

Matt said...

Thanks, I appreciate the info. That's kind of weird that it doesn't have another holder for cards. In effect, it holds less! I think I'll order the standard Jimi. Thanks again!