Monday, December 3, 2007

A Letter To Santa 2007

Some may call you Santa, but I will simply call you... 'Friend' for the purpose of the letter below.

Dear Friend,

We have enjoyed a wonderful relationship over the years, and despite the fact that I have now turned the age of 30, I still enjoy the fact that once a year, you and I may continue our correspondence. I see no need to discontinue a mutually beneficial friendship because I have turned the Big 3-0. I mean you still get jazzed by toys and you are what? 756 years old? You are only as old as you feel. Right? And thanks to my acupuncturist, I feel at least 27 years old again.

Now, I believe a Christmas Letter to Santa (or in this case, my Friend) should of course recount some of the special accomplishments or good behavior that you have come to expect from some of the wonderful and truly deserving people on your list. A list, I feel, I am quite at home on... the NICE LIST. (However, my neighbor who throws loud parties, smokes, and has loud... you know what, I won't go into that, but safe to say, his behind belongs on the naughty list, my wife would like to recommend he get both a bag of rocks and dog dookie for Xmas).

Where was I? Oh, yes, The Nice List! This year, I did three plays, I was promoted at work, I had four of my plays produced, and I got my SAG card, I was in a movie directed by Ron Howard, and I was in a movie with Jim Carey. Ron Howard said, I was "A Well Trained Actor". So, yeah, I'm like good and stuff. I also started my own acting class, that I teach. It's now been about 8 months and still going strong. I have great students.

Oh, and here is the biggest news, I'm about to have a bundle of joy delivered via the stork. Yep, my first child is on the way, and I'm super excited. Lot of growing up this year.

So, I think that's a pretty good.

So, that being said, what would I like for X-Mas. Well, I have assembled something of a list, and for the first time a few years, no iPod is on the list. So, relax you do not have to deal with Steve Jobs this year. Here is the list! Oh, and if you click on the links, it will take you to online stores with solid prices so you save a penny or three!

  1. HD-Television: Jenny and I did finally purchase an HD TV this year, but she has been less than excited to upgrade the signal to HD. So, we still watch Standard Def shows on an HD set. Could you please put in a good word with her, to let me upgrade.
  2. Salomon Trail Running Shoes: These are the best shoes for exercise I have ever put my feet into. I wear a size 11 in these bad boys, and I absolutely love them. They can also be purchased at R.E.I. for a very reasonable price.
  3. CROCS: I have wanted these for a long time. Everyone I know who has a pair swears by them. Now, I am not willing to go all Mario Batalli on these and get an orange pair. A reasonably subdued color would be find. Brown, Black, Charcoal. I'm guessing I'm a size 10.5 in these.
  4. Diaper Dude Black Skull & Cross Bones Diaper Bag: I'm more than willing to change a diaper, and care for my soon to arrive baby on my own, but I am unwilling to carry around a some frou frou diaper bag. I want a manly bag. This is a diaper bag a dude can be proud to carry on his shoulder and drink beer and scratch things.
  5. The OGIO Locker Bag: I need a new gym bag, after three years my last bag is starting to thread and come apart. So, I need a replacement. This is my favorite. I think it's awesome.
  6. XBOX GAMES: Yeah, my XBOX is still running without he Red Ring of Death! So, I think the following games would be winners: Call of Duty 4, Assassin's Creed, Orange Box, Bio Shock and Mass Effect. So, just click the link over each title and it will take you right to for a purchase page.
  7. Gift Cards: I like the following places, Barnes and Noble, iTunes,, Gamefly, and of course Best Buy. Although this year a gift card for the Apple Store would also be good, as I am saving up for a new laptop.
  8. Clothes: Look, let me be clear, you are going to buy me clothes, so let's make sure they fit. Here are my sixes: T-Shirt - XXL, Dress Shirt 33R/18.5, Pants 42 - 40 inches or XL, Shoe size 10.5. Or heck, if you have no idea what to buy me... send me a gift card to Target or Kohl's or even Macy's.
  9. Knife Set: Yep, I could use a new set of knives in the kitchen. It would be really great. Mine are dull and were never that great to begin with, and since I do the lion share of cooking right now, I'd love to have them.
Okay Santa. It's a pretty tame list. Just click the links, and check the stuff out. I'm also not one to stick up my nose at the occasional surprise. I am really glad my whole family will be together this Christmas for the first time... well, ever. So, that's a great gift.

Merry Christmas, don't eat too many cookies, and don't forget to get Mrs. Clause something nice this year... I mean come on? Who gives their wife a vacuum for Xmas... for shame!

Your truly and warmly,
Mick Montgomery

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Shandy said...

You have had an amazing year, but I am most excited about Jim Ca.., nooo THE BABY! YEA! I can't wait to meet that little person! I love your list and I'm sure my hubby would approve. I hope you find all your wishes under the tree. XOXO