Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We have Fire!

Out here in Beautiful California the weather has turned, and Spring has Sprung! This means warm dusky nights where you want to just sit outside and throw a few pieces of meat on the grill and drink a cold beer. That's what I did last night, but alas, I have no BBQ... well, I didn't have a BBQ until I saw this handy dandy little grill that Crate and Barrell is selling called THE SMOKEY JOE GRILL. This little hibachi grill is perfect for those of you who really love the taste of good grilled food, but lack space and a secured back yard for a big expensive grill. First off, let me just say, without a bunch of grill tech tricks, you cannot get the right taste of good grilled food from a gas powered grill. You just can't. You do not get that great smokey taste from clean burning propane. You get it from Charcoal, which is what you use with this little guy. And I do mean little. So, if you have a small back patio at your condo or apartment, or you are looking for the perfect travel grill for camping trips, give this grill a look. If you have a phobia about making fire with the little charcoal brickets, I'm right there with you. I have been the guy staring at the grill while someone stands over my shoulder saying... "Just use some newspaper!" But apparently the Charcoal industry has come a long way, or I'm just better at it, but I had a great fire up and burning within 15 minutes. And there is something a little zen about staring at the fire waiting for it to heat up, it's calming and relaxing which is what grilling should feel like. It should not feel like your a short order cook trying to turn out oodles of meat. Also, this little guy has a great nostalgic look to it, and it comes in a great olive green finish. Now all you need is a matching apron in the same color... maybe even grill mits.

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