Monday, June 9, 2008

Random Tid Bits: Issue #5

Okay, Check this out, a little Random stuff from Yours Truly!

1. Album to download with most haste and urgency! That would be Weezer's newest effort "Weezer: The Red Album". There is nothing ground breaking or earth shattering in terms of experimental or ground breaking new sounds from the Nerd Rock gods, but this album is probably even more solid than recent efforts. Weezer proves to truly understand and know their audience, and unlike other successful bands from their era, they are unafraid to retread ground and wax nostalgic in this effort.

2. Video to Download, Well, sticking with the Weezer Theme, check out the music video for "Pork and Beans" which is absolute genius! It has all your favorite internet video celebs, except for Tina Chen in it. Yep, Tovay, Cocker, The clumsy Karate Dude... it's just a great commentary on this whole sub-culture.

3. 3G iPhone Officially Announced today! Steve Jobs showed us what pretty much everyone predicted except for the elusive 32GB model, which leaves this blogger, heavily disappointed. Love the 3G, love the new, love the price drop, would love an iPhone that could actually store what I have on my current IPod which is almost two years old now. Come on Steve, quit yanking my chain!

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