Friday, September 5, 2008

800 People Arrested During 2008 RNC

It was interesting to watch the fall out of the Democratic National Convention last week. Some talking heads blathered on about Obama's lack of credentials. Joe Biden gave a speech, and so did Hillary, but the whole affair clearly had a 'business as usual' feel to it. Probably, because all of the rankling the Obama vs Clinton activities for the nominations really gave everyone an opportunity to vet out the angst. I don't know, but despite hearing some positive things, and a lot of party lines things, and hearing Obama call St. Louis, Kansas City on opening night... it was a fairly benign Convention.

Then there was the Republican National Convention started with a bang, when McCain elected some lady who won a beauty pagent and hunts Moose and has five kids one of which is knocked up out of wedlock. Yes, I wrote that sentance, because every part of what I wrote is true, and if you are offended, guess what, it's all just semantics. I could have written this to cater to your fluffy feelings, like this, "Then McCain elected Maverick Sarah Palin, who bravely weathered criticism lobbied at her poor daughter for an unfortunate set of circumstances, and was repeatedly berated for choices any red blooded American is free to participate in without retribution, like Beauty Pagents and Hunting." However, I choose not to, because I personally view the selection of this woman as a publicity stunt designed to capitalize on the ground laid by Hillary Clinton and sweep up any of her supporters (still miffed she did not get the nomination) in a desperate bid to make up groud on the Obama Freight Train. It's a Blog, I can be as bi-partisan as I want or not want.

However, with all the speeches and talks of winning fights and winning wars and winning an election... the real news happened outside the walls of the Convention Center in St. Paul, MN. Over 800 people were arrested for protesting this RNC. 400 people were arrested on the final day, when St. Paul Police brought in Riot Gear to control the protestors. I guess this means people really don't agree with the Republican agenda.

I say this, because I tried to find an article stating that there were equal numbers of protests violence at the DNC, but all I found was an article where a Protestor said the Denver police were very accomodating to the protestors at the RNC, and everyone pretty much prostested peacefully. So, I draw a few conclusions from this. Interest Groups from the "Left" must be real rabble rousers. Interest Grous from the "Right" must be bake sale fans who like holding hands and candles. Democratic Conventions create an air of harmony. Republican Conventions create an air of rioting and billy clubbing. Hmmm.

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