Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Art and Obama

So, let's mix Art and Politics, shall we?

I was perusing the old Interweb today and I thought... I wonder what the current presidential nominees think about art. I wondered... what kind of paintings do they have in their home... or have they even discussed the fact that while other countries subsidize the arts our social programs for the arts are all corporate or privately funded. I wondered, what they thought the role of governments should be as it pertains to Art.

Luckily, Senator Obama has spoken out about the fact that Art needs to be re-integrated into the school systems again in order to provide a well rounded education. I agree. Its funny how in the world of theater, successful regional theater and education go hand in hand. Anyway, you can see the Senator's remarks below. I tried to find a McCain 'rebuttal' video... but apparently he never talks about the arts.

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