Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gear Sighting: Kick AXe

Okay, Okay! I've realized two things... first, product photos on a black background blog are a little odd, because most products have photos with white back grounds... how wonderfully stark. This makes the site look a little icky. Maybe, I'll have to reformat the look again... Sheesh.

Second, if I were to go to the most REMOTE ISLAND in the world, then I would need really cool and portable gear. Not sure how many trees are on the most REMOTE ISLAND in the world, but I'm sure I'll need to chop something at some point on the hikes throughout the lush and rocky terrain.

Thankfully, the Kick AXe was invented. This wicked little Sci-Fi inspired gadget, looks like something Ripley would have used to cave in the skull of the Queen Xenomorph. It folds up quick and easy and provides you with that chopping tool you need out in the wild. Because, banging your knife with a rock get's old after a while.

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