Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oscar Time

I shall refuse to give you my speech on the Oscars. Oh... who am I kidding. If you have not heard me say it before, I'll say it again, the Oscars are just a clever way for Hollywood to market movies to theater goers who wouldn't be caught dead going to them if they were not nominated for an Academy Award. I site the consistent reviews I get from people about MILK and BUTTONS before the Golden Globes (Boring), after the globes (Amazing). Oh, award shows... you get us every time! Well, the biggest fashion show in the world will once again grace our television shows, and in case you missed it on the news or radio or internet... here are the nominees.

On a persona note, this is the third consecutive year that I have worked on a movie nominated for Best Picture. The previous two were Babel and No Country For Old Men. This year it's Frost Nixon, which I have a very, very brief appearance in.

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