Monday, April 20, 2009

The Result of Airhead Alan and Dumb Dumb Doug

So, what was the real fall out of the nine month SAG vs AMPTP fiasco? Well, you are an employee with SAG (you know the office staff), you're wondering if you are about to get a pink slip. Today David White (interim SAG Director) announced that SAG would be cutting 35 of the 440 staff positions this month. Apparently, there is a 6 million dollar gap that needs to be shored up. Could that gap be the result of down dues, due to the fact that no one has been working because of the prolonged negotiations? Well, according to White, that is exactly what has happened. You have to feel for White. He's like the Obama admistration trying to fix all the damage caused by the Bush Administration. It's like this guy was stuck with the check, and didn't even get to eat any of the food.

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