Friday, May 1, 2009

American Idol Makes People Bonkers

People wonder why I do not watch "American Idol". There is a reason. I think people take it way, way too seriously. This a review by Richard Rushfield. Based on the review, my personal image of Mr. Rushfield is basically Perez Hilton mixed with a Jack Russel Terrier with a urinary track infection. After reading, you too, will say the same words that I uttered, "Get a fucking life, Dude." You can't equate a near elimination (not even an elimination) of your favorite contestent with some like, Oh, I don't know... 9/11. I warn you read this with your hands clasped firmly on either side of your head to keep it from exploding with bewilderment.

"We will never know how close “American Idol’s” eighth season came to disaster Wednesday night. Had Adam Lambert been eliminated last night, a grieving nation would have spent all eternity shaking their heads in disbelief, haunted by the specter of what might have been.… In the annals of “Idol” tragedy – grim pages recounting the dark moments of Daughtry, of Hudson, of Grey — tonight could have marked the bleakest chapter yet for our republic. [...]

To take stock — first of all, while we pause, shaken by the almost cataclysm, let us not forget that to avert this disaster, we were forced to make a tragic Sophie’s choice, giving to Angel of Death Seacrest one of the most likable talents ever to grace the Idoldome. The judges’ use of the wild card and the save on Matt will go down, as Kara said, as the judges’ profiles in courage, bestowing a young man of grace, panache and good humor on our nation."

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