Friday, May 1, 2009

The Hunt for Gollum

What you can watch below is a trailer for a completely 100% volunteer made movie that claims to be 'another chapter' in the Lord of the Rings story. Now, I'm not an LOTR nerd or fan boy. The movie's aren't bad, but I'm not going to a convention and dressing up like Boromir. Anyway, I want to put this up, because everyone volunteered their time to make a very high quality movie in terms of production values. While it obviously steals footage and art design inspiration from the Peter Jackson movies, it shows what passion, commitment and skill can create for FREE! I bet Warner Bros New Line is going to try and sue to get this thing put down, but if you want to go check out "The Hunt For Gollum" it opens May 3rd on the Movie Website.

THE HUNT FOR GOLLUM - FULL Trailer 1 from Independent Online Cinema on Vimeo.

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