Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mick Montgomery wins a Major Award!

I am proud to say that at the first every Produced By Conference held at the Sony Pictures Lot and hosted by the Producers Guild of America, that the web show I helped write, direct and produce called "THE NOHO SHOW" won Best Produced Webisode. This was an event to promote up and coming Producers in the medium of Web Series, Documentary and Short Film. We submitted NoHo on the recommendation of a friend and out of over 200 submitted projects, we won. We are very proud and very thankful to our cast and crew for their fine efforts in helping us to make a really great project. A project that can now call itself "Award Winning". I would also like to thank my partners in the project, Scott Phillips and John Schimke for their outstanding work. Producing film projects is no easy taks no matter if they are for the big or small screen. Either way, they are tough.

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The Cebulskis said...

congrats, mick! so happy for you guys!