Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We All Start Somewhere!

I had a conversation with someone the other day about another fellow creative person who was struggling with the concept of 'paying your dues' in this business of Entertainment ( I love me some gossip). It's funny but no one these days seems to want to work hard for anything. Especially people under the age of 30. I don't blame them. I mean you see someone like Paris Hilton with the brains God gave a rock, who is worth millions, in movies, tv shows, music videos. How did she get there? Well, she won the genetic lottery and became heir to a hotel fortune, and if that wasn't enough... she blew some dude on a video and then put it out on the internet.

So, a lot of folks have a 'role model' for taking the easy train to success. However, there is something to the grind up to success that is so important. I'm no mogul, but I appreciate where I am today more, because I know I earned where I am at through work both as a professional and as an artist. So, to all you out there getting coffee for someone today, who always seems to lose their cell phone or can't work their computer hang in there. Even Bruce Willis knows the value of starting over and starting at the bottom.

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