Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Good news if you are a big fan of, like me! We have added DIGG buttons to all our blog posts, like the one you will now see at the bottom of this page, SOOOOO! You can Digg our Blogs, and run up our counts over at Digg, and allow other fellow DIGG users to find our blog and enjoy it as you have enjoyed it.

If you have no idea what DIGG is, well, it's pretty cool. It is a news source website, and the content is completely user driven. So, the DIGG users are the people posting links and then commenting on the threads over at DIGG. It's pretty cool, they even have a pod cast you can download.

DIGG is fast becoming a great source for some unknown information. It's kind of like a News Page mixed with a Wiki. If I've nerded this post up too much for you, no need, we'll earn our cool cred back on the next post. I swear.

Oh, don't forget to digg our post via the button at the bottom of the blog! Mucho Gracias!

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