Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Random Tid Bits: Issue #4

All Right, after a little break... a little Random Tid Bit Action for all y'all! Enjoy the tasty delicacies below!

THE FLOBOTS: The Record is called Fight with Tools, and if you haven't heard the catch radio hit, "No Handlebars" then you are probably in a whole since everyone is requesting the Shizzat out of this catch little tune, but here's the better part... the album is very very good, and worth checking out. They're like... the Beastie Boys meets Cake.

THERE WILL BE BLOOD: It has hit the stores and DVD racks in mass production... hey, if you did not catch this when we recommended it around Oscar time... then do it now, so you can finally understand where the term, "I drink your Milk Shake" came from!

ZOLOFT MOM: Fellow blogger and sister of a friend writes this blog, and it's a great spin on the whole "Mommy Blog". She's self deprecating, sarcastic, clever, and fun! Check this one out!

WARNING (Pic): You may be offended by this blog post, you may laugh... all I can say is... My heart goes out to this kid in spades.

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