Monday, October 13, 2008

Random Tid Bits: Issue #4

Oh, we haven't been random for a while! Let's dive in!

A website that you must must check out if you want to stay informed on the debates and speeches of the upcoming election. is a website that follows our wonderful politicians as they talk about their opponents or plans, and then they go into detail to check their statements for validity or error. Also, post election, this is a great resource for you to monitor the bull shit spewing from you local reps mouth.

Are you psyched for the APPLE EVENT tomorrow? It's going to be huge, as it is obvious a new line of laptops from Apple will be unveiled... but what other questions will be answered, like... what really is BRICK? Will a 32GB iPhone finally be revealed... is Apple going to unveil a long rumored Newton restart? We'll see. I will be checking my newsfeed regularly.

Saw an episode (be-grudgingly) of the new Knight Rider show on NBC. (You may recall an early post, where I asked the networks to stop 're-inventing' shows from my childhood). While I hate the voice of the car, and I wish they could have worked good old HOFF into this show somehow, I think this show has a chance of working in the Saturday night timeslot that it is in. They show lots of women in bikinis. There is a hot car with lots of techno geek crap falling out of it. The plot lines are super simple and follow basic Comic Book plot devices. So, why will this work? Well, on Saturday nights, who is at home? That's right, teenage geeks with no social life, who will gladly break away from Marathon WOW sessions to look at boobs and a cool car. In the episode I saw, Kit (the car) was hit by a missle and instead of blowing him up, he was knocked into the ocean where he turned into a submarine. I think the Car Dr. Claw drove in Inspector Gadget could do the same thing.

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