Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Random Tid Bits: Issue #5

Portal for $15.00: Yep, it looks like the greatest game released in 2007 will get an upgrade and now be available for download via Xbox Live Arcade. As you all may know Portal is not just my favorite game of last year, but maybe top three of all time. It's pure genius, and it is what many critics have hoped games would become a step towards an artistic achievement. I will be waiting to see this come to the Live Arcade.

A Better Mousetrap: A man has created the most simplistic non-lethal mouse-trap that I've ever seen. It's so basic and interesting that it will have all you pacifists ooohing and ahhhing over a new way to trap but not murder Mickey and all his pals.

Staying Relevant: This is how actors who do not have a whole lot of actual talent stay relevant in today's Hollywood. It's quite sad really. Click the link to find out who I lambaste here. I'm not saying the actor in question isn't good looking. I am just saying, what was the last piece of work they did that brought a tear to your eye.

What Play Do you want to see?: Mine right now is a toss up between Mike Daisey's "If you See Something, Say Something." and "Fifty Words" By Michael Weller. I would love to see I.S.S.,S.S because I believe Daisey to be inherently interesting, and I have yet to see him live. Plus the subject matter is intriguing. 50 Words makes my list because friend and blogger Dennis Baker did a review and the premise of the play so hits my own artistic aesthetic as a writer and director.

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Dennis Baker said...

Saw Daisey's show as well. You would like them both.