Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The News Media is Doo Doo

I'm not posting the video below to pile on the criticism for Fox News or Faux News as some people like to call them. Obviously Fox News is known more for editorializing and promoting angry talking heads than actual news reporting. However, the clip below is a great example of where Journalistic integrity has completely fallen out the window for these so called cable 'news channels'. In this video Megyn Kelly basically verbally attacks Bill Burton (an Obama Press Guy) for calling Fox News a biased news entitiy. Megyn is supposed to be a news reporter... last I checked her name is Kelly, not O'Reily, but instead she engages in what has to be the most unprofessional personal attack on Burton, I've ever seen. Burton to his credit maintains his cool throughout the interview, but she completely throws decorum out the window and interrupts him time and time again, and at one point tells him to stop interrupting her. What's worse is she's defending her news station for fair and balanced reporting, while completely demonstrating the bias by attacking the same people, who accused her network of being biased.

Folks, this is not what news reporters do. Where the hell is Walter Conkrite when you need him? This is the problem with where our news media has gone since 911. It's not okay for them to be biased to the left or the right, it's not okay they attack their guests, it's not okay that news papers put out their endorsements for candidates no matter how much we may agree with the endorsement. WTF is happening here? And who is going to step in and hold people accountable for this? I'm all fired up... watch the damn video!

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