Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Art of Function Readers Let us Know

So, way back in the summer after the tickets were secured we opened a voter poll to determine who you, the readers, were going to back in the election that is happening today. The results were not surprising to me. Barack Obama overwhelmingly won the vote by 75% to McCain's 25%. The interesting issue in the secondary poll, was why you were voting for the candidate. The War in Iraq won narrowly over the economy.

There are tons and tons of interesting stories out there today, so let me re-cap a few of my favorites.
Tim Robbins faced some difficulty voting today. You can read the story by clicking the link. Basically , Mr. Robbins has been voting in the same place in New York for 10 years. This year he apparently was not on the roster, and then got into a fight, then went to court to get proof he had registered. TMZ was along to actually do some semi-serious news reporting. Good for them for getting out of their comfort zone.

Voter Intimidation is a bigg issue in this election. Apprently, some Black Panthers took it upon themselves to make sure the 'white supremeists' didn't get to vote at a polling station in Philadephia. Thank the Lord, Fox News was there to report it. Click the link to see the full report.

Early Calls are beginning on NPR. It's now 8pm EST and they are calling several East Coast States. Those states are being called for Obamas. Is this wise? Early calls? Anyone rember Dewey vs Truman, or for that matter, Bush vs Gore?

I want to put out that you can expect (if Obama does win) incredibly angry 'red blooded americans' pouting and screaming about this victory being the end of America. I wonder if they will hold to their argument that God puts our presidents in office and they should follow them blindly the way they did for Bush... Oh, did I write that out loud?

The biggest of all these stories is the massive turn out of voters in unexpected numbers. Here in California polling stations are running out of ballots and there are two to three hour lines. Yours truly had to wait in line for 45 minutes to vote today, and in many ways, that's the victory. So many Americans are going to make their voices heard in this election. More than ever before. That's awesome.

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