Monday, January 14, 2008

Adding to the Best of 2007 - Movies!

Well, over the weekend I had the opportunity to see four movies. Yes, four!
Two of which I had suspected would be on my "Best of 2007" and were not because I had not had a chance to review them, but the other two were very interesting little films as well.

First, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, was up first. I had a huge hankering to see the latest Cohen brothers effort, and I was incredibly excited to sit down and watch the film. As a whole, the movie is fantastic. It is one of the best chase dramas ever to be put on screen. Truly, truly fantastic film making by the veteran film making team. Javier Bardem truly deserves his Golden Globe win for his terrifying portrayal of an unstoppable killing machine. Yes, there is violence, and yes, there is tension, so the week at heart will really have to buckle up for the film, but it truly has something to say and it may be the most artful piece of storytelling to come out in a long time.

Second, THERE WILL BE BLOOD, was up next. This P.T. Anderson film is breathtaking for the first two thirds, and then as the lead character Daniel Plainview devolves in his own madness the movie also begins to spin out of control. The ending of this film is highly criticized, and I do see the ending as a somewhat legitimate conclusion, but in the end it is ill conceived and fails to be truthful to the narrative we had seen up until that point in the movie. However, Daniel Day Lewis is more than enough reason to see this film.

Third and Fourth, I was able to catch LARS AND THE REAL GIRL and 1408. Both are not spectacular achievements but well crafted movies for the genre they are living in. So, also worth checking out!

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