Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Experience The Crosley Solo!

Are you a sucker for Restoration Products, we are here at Art of Function. So, we feel in love with a gift old St. Nick dropped down the chimney on Christmas day 2007. Now, it's called the Crosley Solo on the box, but it's easier to locate retail wise as The Attic Radio Speaker at Urban Outfitters.

The simplicity of the frame and appearance harks back to a simpler time in America, when bee bee guns were a high tech gift and "I Love Lucy" was America's favorite T.V. show. The gorgeous craftsman ship and detail of the tuning dial and the old extending radio antenna all way to the hardwood case give this little number a quaint yet classy finish. Also the size of the unit allows for it to fit snuggled on your desk at work, or in the corner of the garage.

The sound quality is excellent for a small space or office, and you can really boom out the tunes if you crank the volume to 10. What's best about this unit is that it comes with an audio in line, that allows you to connect your MP3 player or CD Player to the unit and pump out your favorite podcast or that new bundle of tunes you just picked up with a gift card from Grandma!

This unit retails for $98.99 online with shipping extra. However, it is worth it. Wonderful little gift and addition to the mantle. Thanks, Jenny!

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