Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Random Tid Bits Issue #1

Here at Art of Function, we spend a lot of time surfing the Internet, as I am sure some of you do as well. Often times we read in Sci-Fi novels about alternate dimensions and realities, and I am beginning to think that the Internet is our own man-made alternate dimension. When you think about it, where else can you go, think up something and then within a few keystrokes your looking at evidence of it. It is like you are creating your own reality. For example, one day I was listlessly staring at the computer screen when I thought about Napoleon Dynamite, and that famous quote of his, "My favorite animal is a Liger." I thought that a Liger (half lion / half tiger) was a made up fictitious creature. So, then I typed Liger on Google one day and guess what I found out... Ligers are real. In fact, there is a picture of one at the top of this blog. If you would like to see a video of a Liger then go ahead and click here. The dang things are huge.

Anyway, Random Tid Bits is not a posting about Ligers. It is just a random collection of stories we have found on the internet you might be interested in or not. I hope to do this regularly, and this will be the first issue of it. Hence, Issue #1.

The Mac Book Air: Last week everyone was abuzz as Steve Jobs walked onto the stage at Mac World 2008 to give his keynote speech. Jobs does this twice a year, and last year's keynote was massive as it was the debut of the iPhone. However, this year it was a little bit of a let down. The cornerstone announcement came in the form of an ultra-thin laptop nicknamed "Air". The jury is still out as the new thin-books are just now hitting some consumer review sites, but everyone seems fairly underwhelmed. The idea of a thin laptop that fits in a Manila envelope is something, but the unit unfortunately sacrifices some functionality by not having an internal optical drive. It also supports tech specs that are underwhelming as well. Why spend $1800.00 on a laptop that does less than the MacBook that only costs about $1100.00. I saw a common on a post regarding the new Air. "Looks like Apple inventing the perfect laptop for rich who only want to check their email at Starbucks."

Call of Duty 4 Overtakes Halo 3 as the Number 1 Online Game: Well, looks like there is a new boss in town over on the Xbox Live Servers. Game-boys were abuzz with the news that the juggernaut known as Halo 3 was finally de-throned by the risky new Call of Duty 4 shooter. Having played both, I can actually say that Call of Duty 4 offers a much more even playing field, which is a huge critique against the Halo games. Also with new achievements and weapons with each upgrade in skill, online gamers are more invested to play more rounds. Halo 3 is still in my opinion a unique and well rounded game, but I will say, I have not slid it back into the deck since I received COD4 for Xmas.

Artist to Rediscover: The Format: Um... what the heck? How come this band never rose on the charts? I somehow stumbled on this band through iTunes, and downloaded their album "Inventions and Lullabies". Then I was embarrassed to discover I already had two different songs from two different sound tracks on my iPod already... whoops. Never the less, this is a great band for you if you like the pop rock of "Switchfoot" and the vocal styles of a group like "The New Pornographers".

So, this concluded issue #1. Just some random stuff. Really from Ligers to Apple hardware, how random is that?

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