Friday, August 8, 2008

George Lucas decides to be a Jerk

So, one of the latest crazes among independent software designers is coming up with cool aps (whether practical or silly) for the iPhone. This week for example, someone created an application that just put a red cube on your iPhone as a 'sign of the wealthy'. This little picture cost a whopping $1,000 dollars and was actually purchased by 8 people before it was pulled.

However, one of the most popular apps is one called "Light Saber". It was a free application developed by MacBox. The program was pretty smart. When activated a light saber popped up on the screen and when you swung your iPhone around like a sword, the program used the motion sensor tech to trigger specific battle sounds for the light saber. Pretty cool and the application was free.99.

Lucas of course forced iTunes to pull the application because he has an exclusive deal with THQ to develop mobile star wars content. THQ not wanting to be party to Lucas's overbearing ways, announced they would work with MacBox to come up with a legal and 'better' version of the program.

George, lighten up, a bit will you. You don't have to squeeze every freaking nickel out of the franchise. You have more money than the good Lord Almighty.

Original story posted by MacEnstien. Go check it out.

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