Monday, August 18, 2008

Mission Paradox Blog

Hey, we made a new friend!

The Mission Paradox Blog wrote about "Art of Function". How super cool is that?
Check the Blog out here! To check out the blog, you can do it by clicking here, or hitting the link in our link bar!

We're so stoked for the positive feedback and the sharing and the such. This is especially cool, because our ideas have proven to even transcend online blooger services. We use Google's "Blogger" and Mission Paradox uses "Typepad". Okay enough nerd love.

We were first introduced to Mission Paradox over the little online tiff over the comparison of theater actors to poker players. That analogy brought some serious beefing. I participated in the beefing in my typical way, by not choosing sides and introducing a new question. My question was re-posted as an article by Adam Thurman and our little friendship began.

So, it's my job, and my duty to tell you to go check out Adam's blog "Mission Paradox". He is really discussing some interesting topics as it relates to how we produce art. Go check it you... You Turkey!

1 comment:

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