Friday, August 22, 2008


Okay, we all understand that artists do what they do because the love expressing themselves. It doesn't matter if you're that Czech Photographer who takes pictures with cameras you made from toilet paper rolls and garbage, or you're Annie Liebowitz. Everyone has their art, and we cannot judge that. Really we're not allowed. It's the same reason that I once attended a gallery showing of a quilt exhibition, and I was forced to ooohh and ahhh, because the lady somehow managed to sew an eagle onto a blanket. However, this was in an art gallery, so it was "High Art". And when I made a sarcastic comment along the lines of, "Oh, yeah, an eagle? My Grandma made me a quilt with Bat man on it once." I was given the stink eye, and told that I couldn't participate in the cheese plate. My point here is that it's all subjective. I was bored and semi irritated while other people were almost weeping. It is amazing that one person's gold is another persons lump of coal when it comes to the subjective value placed on art.

However, as I understand this premise, I value it, I share it with others... I come across something like the video I am posting below, and I think to myself... is anyone stopping these guys and telling them... Hey, this really isn't that great... and you should change your Reel to be only 30 seconds... or more importantly... this is so bad, I can't tell if it is actually a prank video or something Tim and Eric would make. I mean come on, can we just have a standard for what is good and what is not and tell people who fancy themselves entertainers to keep your annual family Christmas Talent show in the house... don't take it on the road.

As an addendum to this video, I want to share a few comments folks left in regards to it. Wait, I can't because comments and ratings are restricted... I wonder why?

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