Friday, August 8, 2008

Jesus and the Rave!

To quote the legendary Dennis Leary from one of his great Stand Up Routines, "Explain it to me, God!" This is apparently a church service where they use "trance" or "rave" music to get in touch with the Holy Spirit.

I tried to come up with something witty here, but my brain is literally hemorrhaging, and I can barely form a complete sentence. I could understand completely if this were a group of twenty somethings who created some whacked out church in the Red Hook District called "Tribe of the Tree" where the pastor / life guide, delivers analogies to the sermon on the mount through the art of finger paint and mime, but this is clearly some basic white bread church... what the heck???? Watch the video at your own peril. I'm going to go try and shake this image out of my head. - Watch more free videos


Anonymous said...

Oh meh gawd.
I can't tell if that's hilarious or horrifying Dx
Keep the rave scene for the "sinners" >.<;

Dancefloor Mayhem said...

So are they all on ecstasy?

Mick Montgomery said...

Seriously... WTF is this?