Friday, December 5, 2008

Mick's 2008 Letter to Santa

Here is my letter to Santa, if you want to read it then just click to see the whole letter after the jump. I mostly post this for my relatives who like it when I give them hints on what to buy me

Dear Mr. Claus,

I hope you have had a truly fruitful and rewarding 2008. Hopefully, your retirement investments have weathered the bad economy. Mine have not done so well. Oh, well, live and learn. By the way, did you hear that they canceled Knight Rider, honestly it's about time. Right? I hear Heroes is next, but I watched it this week, and it's kind of getting good again. What do you think?

Oh, by the by, go check out Frost / Nixon and Yes Man in theaters this month. I know it's a busy time of year for you, but I have small parts in both, and I hear they're pretty good.

Anyway, I've been a real good blogger this year. I've managed to keep this one you're reading up for an entire year, and I'm really excited for where Art of Function is at and what it has been a forum for this year. As you know I shut down a few other blogs, I started up, but recently filled my writing slate with a new blog called Indie Majority. So, go and check that out. Oh, and go check out THE NOHO SHOW, that's my internet web series, I produce and direct!

On a personal note, it's been a great year, with the greatest gift of all being my son, Maximus coming into this world. It has been wonderful to watch him grow up this year. And even though a full night's sleep is a distant memory, I'm really excited that he is in my life.

So, on to the list. I'm a pretty happy guy. I already have my top three gadgets (Mac Book Pro, iPhone and Kindle). So, I decided to pair down the list in cost this year for some cool lower end stuff. Everything with the exception of the camera lens is under $60, and most of it is under $40.00. It's pretty interesting, and it contains a lot of odds and ends that I think are cool. I've factored in my increased use of the DSLR camera I purchased last year, and my new hobby Krav Maga. So, enjoy! I've tried to list everything by the most inexpensive price and by use through because that's a fairly reliable online source for buying gifts.

Amazon Gift Card: With my new Kindle, I download all my books digitally for purchase so, I have abandoned other book retailers like Barnes and Noble and Borders. Plus there are a ton of other cool stuff at Amazon.

iTunes Gift Card: Yeah, it's an addictive little app the old iTunes. That's why I love me some gift cards.

Nikon 55 - 200mm Zoom Lens: So, I'm a slave to my Nikon D40x. It's an awesome DSLR camera, and I've been meaning to upgrade the lens for quite sometime. This would be an awesome gift, however a little expensive, but I could also use a cool camera strap (link here) or I thought it would be good to protect my little investment with this cool Camera Case Armor by MADE (link here).

The Leatherman SERCA LED Flashlight: This thing is super bright and super durable. It's also better for the environment and is more power efficient than the traditional incandescent flash light. Plus Leatherman is a manly brand.

Gears of War 2: It's really the only game I have on the Xmas list this year for the Xbox 360.

The Front Pocket Wallet with Money Clip by Perry Ellis: It's a nice little wallet with room for more than three credit cards while maintaining a slimmer profile. And it's inexpensive for a wallet.

UFC Offical Fight Grappling Gloves: Since, I've taken up Krav Maga it's become apparent you need some good gloves every once in a while. These gloves are great for in class training as you do not need to remove them to practice grappling techniques.

Everlast Pro Style High Performance Training Gloves: I'm hoping to jump into the bag classes at my studio and you need a bit more padding on your gloves than what the above grappling gloves accomodate.

Under Armor: Compression shorts are a must when you're doing any training, and after owning my first pair of under armor shorts, I'm hooked. However, it's great to have more. So, if you want to get me some great (click link here). However, I'd be up for anything by underarmor. Size XL for shorts and XXL for up top.

Kleen Kanteen Water Bottle: Hey, if you are a fan of the Blog, then you know about our appreciation of the SIGG water bottle. Well, we have a new favorite, and it's called Kleen Kanteen and it's the same as a SIGG but with a wider mouth. I prefer the black model.

Tool Logic SL 3 Fire Knife: Ever watch Survivor Man or Man vs Wild? I do. And if you've ever watched Bear Gryllis light a fire with one of those sparking knives, you kind of get the chills. Well, here's one of those knives on the cheap!

Marmot PreCip Rain Jacket: I need a good water proof rain jacket that is nice and light. I have plenty of heavy coats that do not block out the rain. In Los Angeles, we get more rain than super duper cold.

So, that's it big guy. If you can somehow find a way to get a resolution to this darn SAG / AMPTP thing done then that would really help out in a big big way. However, what I am most looking forward to this year is going to a big family gathering like last year, and just hanging out with my family. I think as a whole I am pretty blessed in that regard.

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