Tuesday, December 9, 2008

T.R. Knight Walks Away?

So, I have friends who are friends with T.R. Knight and I have heard nothing but wonderful things about him as a person. However, today it was pushed that the star walked off the set the other day and asked out of his contract with Grey's Anatomy because he is unhappy with the storyline for his character, Dr. George O'Malley. I don't blame him. I agree that the storyline for his character has been somewhat weak in comparison to previous seasons. He seems to float aimlessly in show.

However, this is not a posting about Grey's Anatomy's creative direction. This is also not a blog about whether Mr. Knight is selfish or acting unjustly. I realize he has a three year contract and some people say he should honor that. As I read this story, I ultimately asked myself, why? Why would you leave a paid acting gig? A well paid acting gig? And I'm not alone. I have several friends who have seen this story and said, "He's ungrateful." or "He doesn't know how good he has it." Maybe he is and maybe he doesn't. I don't know. However, for many of us, the acting roles are few and far between these days. Walking away from a six figure a year paycheck to do what you love seems odd... it seems confusing.... it seems self destructive.

However, if the reports are true... T.R. Knight has done exactly that. He's walked away.

It's interesting that Knight is the second high profile star to complain about the writing of the show. Catherine Hiegl was very vocal last year about her displeasure with the character of Izzy Stephens. This year it's not much better as she finds herself haunted by a ghost or something.

I love acting, and I think Mr. Knight does too. So, how bad must life be on that set to warrant quitting?

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