Monday, December 15, 2008

SAG Leadership Publically Brutalized!

SAG Leader Alan Rosenberg and Chief Negotiator Doug Allen were basically high jacked at the Town Hall meeting in New York tonight. Apparently, Alec Baldwin stood up and called for both Doug and Al to resign their posts. They were both called, inept, deceptive and Hollywood Centric.

There are several petitions and online circulations calling for SAG to take the deal while high profile members call for a No Vote on Strike Authorization. Stife and Division have come to the last major Hollywood Union hoping to get a better deal out of the AMPTP.

Sources report that the majority of folks basically argued that leadership had blundered the negotiations and that SAG should take the deal today and live to fight a more united battle in three years when the deals are up again for renewal. This is something we have been arguing for for quite sometime on this website.

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