Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rosenberg Feels At Home in Hollywood

In a display that may show more the ever widening divide between the coasts in the creative unions, especially SAG, I was told today by several sources who attended the Town Hall in Los Angeles, last night that an overwhelming amount of people turned out to express their support of Alan Rosenberg and and the 'Yes' vote on the strike. This was a big turn over from the NYC meeting where several members turned out in droves to play down the strike authorization vote while simultaneously calling for Alan Rosenberg's head on a platter.

This is no shocker as Rosenberg has repeatedly appealed more to the Feature Film side of the acting business, almost completely ignoring television, which makes him Hollywood centric. A lot of TV shows are shot in New York, and the board in NYC has already voted a no-confidence on Rosenberg... which is not good, by the way.

After the meeting NPR caught up to Rosenberg, and he changed his tune a bit on the 'Yes' vote. In the past Rosenberg has painted the 'Yes' vote and a step towards an actual strike. Now, he's saying it's merely a threat to be used as a bargaining chip at the table with AMPTP. I think he knows a lot of members do not want to strike, and he's trying to pull back a little on his own rehetoric to gain more support. Cheap tactic in my opinion.

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