Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Steve Brule on Viral Videos

Hey! We love Doctor Steve Brule, and we're stoked that the old DSB has created a little tutorial on how to make a viral video. You know what a viral video is right? It's like some dude singing in a tree and then he falls out of the tree, and it's so funny people email it or post it on their blogs and befor eyou know it, that dude who fell out of a tree has a million hits, and then marketing people in a room call him a genius, and then they go to his house and say, "Hey, you should work for us, we want to hire you to direct a commercial for Pepsi." So, then the Tree Dude, does another viral video for about six figures, and it's basically him singing in a tree, only this time he's holding a can of Pepsi, and when he falls out of the tree his fall is broken, because he lands in a pool of refreshing Pepsi... Pepsi! Savor the holidays!

And now for your enjoyment! Dr. Steve Brule, You Turkey!

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