Friday, February 22, 2008

Inbox Zero w/ Merlin Mann

You will probably begin to hear more and more in regards to the term "GTD" this year, than you have ever before. I really think that GTD will be this year's version of "The Secret". For those of you reading this, who have no idea what GTD is, it stands for "GETTING THINGS DONE" the title of a book written by David Allen. GTD is a set of concepts and systems designed by Mr. Allen to enable the user to be as efficient and stress free as possible in their work habits. Currently, I have been studying the book and implementing some thoughts and ideas from it into my work life and personal life, and I must say, it is quite useful. I recommend everyone check out the book. Or Download the audio book on iTunes.

Many 'disciples' of GTD are fervently out there spreading the good word about GTD while also building cottage industries around the ideas in the books. One of the biggest 'expounders' on GTD is a gentlemen named Merlin Mann. He is the founder of the GTD website I recently visited the website, and I am digging through the gold, and at the top of the page is a link to a Google Tech Talk, Merlin did in regards to managing your email.

As we can all agree, email has become the cornerstone of work management for many of us. For me personally between my work and personal email accounts, and counting MySpace and Facebook somewhere around 200 emails a day. Yeah, I know it is a little daunting. However, here is the scary part. I am not alone. I once shared with a relative, who was so email illiterate she struggled to cope with the 70 or more emails she received a day, and managing all the data was so overwhelming she had almost completely abandoned her inbox. I believe many of us can identify with the fact that our email inbox can become an indomitable mess. How many of you have over 300 emails in your inbox right now, as you read this? If you do, and you hate it, then I have the video link for you.

Merlin has a concept for email management he calls "Zero Inbox". The tips he gives in the video shown below are very useful and worth checking into. Some of you may already be doing this in your own life, but do not know it. However, for all of us who have used our inbox as a to do list, calender, file back, whatever... catch all... mess... this video will help you sort out this most basic of functions in our modern life. Enjoy! It's highly Functional.

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