Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Ladies Are Going to Flip Out!

Okay, Ladies, you've had a rough day. Right? Maybe, your boss told a dirty joke, and when you didn't laugh he embarassed you in front of your co-workers by telling you to 'stop being a prude.' Or, maybe, you had a great anniversary dinner in mind with your boyfriend, and he called to blow off for a Clippers Game his ex-girlfriend gave him tickets to. Maybe your kid punched another kid at daycare, and the supervisors asked you to find another facility for your child to receive care at, preferably one with wrist restraints. Whatever it is, the folks at HEAVY CHOCOLATE have something for you!

Imagine washing your cares away and indulging in a rich delicious candy bar that weighs... 10 FREAKING POUNDS! Yep, this company makes the only known 10 Pound Candy Bar. 10 pounds of dark, brown, sweet or bittersweet, creamy goodness! And guess what, they make it in different types of designer flavors of chololate: Old Dutch, French Vanilla Semi-Sweet, Gourmet Bittersweet.

However, nothing with crunch clusters in it. I like crunch clusters in candy. I used to dig through my Halloween Bag for the Crunch bars first. One year, I grabbed 27 in one night... it may have been the best night of my life.

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