Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Random Tid Bits Issue #2

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I present to you, Random Tid Bits Issue #2! Random Tid Bits is our little catch all for different things from around the net and in the media, that I think are worth checking out!
And to start things off... here's a video clip from Tim and Eric: Awesome Show: Great Job!

Item #1: Mass Effect:
This little Gem from Bio Ware will definitely satisfy your urge for a role playing game. It may be the deepest RPG distributed yet for the XBOX 360. Fans of games like Oblivion and Star Wars: Knights of the Republic will love this game. In fact for a non MMO, it may be the deepest role playing game out there. Basically, it's a space adventure game mixed with political and economic intrigue with a little genocide thrown in for fun. Think Star Wars meets Michael Clayton. The also brings in elements of First Person Shooter and Squad Based Tactical games into the mix as well, which gives the genre a nice refresh. You follow the efforts of Alliance Navy Officer Shepherd, as he or she (depending on your pre-sets) uncovers an inter-galatic conspiracy that may threaten the entire human race with extinction. As Shepherd, you guide a squad of aliens who accompany you on missions and level up with you as you go along. While I feel the first person shooter engine could be stronger and the squad tactical commands more robust, the basic RPG elements are very strong, and definitely make this game a purchase, not a rent.

Item #2: Cinema Diabolica:
Podcasts are great! There I said it. If you have an MP3 player, or you are married to your iPhone and you have not delved into the Pod Cast world, do yourself a favor! Start downloading them... it's super easy! Anyway, if you are a movie fan, of the euro-crime, horror, exploitation or cult cinema, then do yourself a favor and check out Cinema Diabolica! This may be the best podcast out there for this kind of thing! DZ and F13 (the hosts) go out of their way to put for a high quality podcast. This little show is only 11 episodes in and already they have risen to #1 in their genre on PodCast Alley. That is incredible. So, check it out!

Item #3: The Savages:
I will not go into too much detail, as I do not want to deliver a full blown movie review, but I recommend this film. It is well done, and well performed. Laura Linney (who gets way too much criticism from the cinefiles) is definitely worthy of her Oscar Nomination for her portrayal of a sister past forty and struggling to reconcile with her family, passion for theater, and her status as mistress to a balding creep going through a mid-life crisis. I do not think this movie is a ground breaker, but it is a well told story. Besides, with Phillip Ceymore Hoffman on board, how could you go wrong?

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