Monday, February 25, 2008

Remember The Milk

Okay, the cartoon above really has nothing to do with the subject of the posting. I just wanted to clue everyone in to a pretty cool Web service, I've been using called "Remember the Milk" or Basically, we all create 'To Do' lists, right? Or at some point, you have been so bogged down by what you had to do, you had to create a list. Well, there are tons and tons and tons of software programs devoted to Task Management. However, if you are like me you bounce from computer to computer, and much of your key resources (like email) are on a web based program. So, why shouldn't your TASK management be also web based?

Enter the aforementioned website. This clever site, allows you to be as detailed or non detailed as you want with your tasks lists, while also separating tasks by personal or work oriented tasks. You can also set weekly tasks, with reminders, due dates, and the best feature of all... a NOTES section. So, perhaps you have to call 'so and so'. You task that out for today. You just leave a message. You can update the due date to tomorrow and leave a note, called and left a message. This way you can get all your head space clear and not need to remember every little detail, or spend hours jotting down notes in a note pad. Currently, I've been using this FREE resource for about a week, and it has really been a fresh update on my constant note pad use. There is also a mobile web application for the website, which allows you to use it from your phone or PDA. There are plenty of GTD geeks out there using this service as we speak, and as always, if its on the blog, I recommend it too.

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