Thursday, February 21, 2008

Let's All Get Arrested!

Recognize the Photo above? If you do, then you are going to be tickled blue that Will Arnet recently confirmed, at an event with Will Ferrell, that the Arrested Development movie is indeed in development as we speak. This is happy, happy, happy news to fans of the show, which won an EMMY its first season, but was canceled after what amounts to two and a half hilarious seasons. I loved this show so much, I watched all three seasons on DVD in the span of five days. Rumors of a movie about the much loved television show have been going around for years. Hopefully we see something by 2009. I miss me some Buster!

If you want further proof, just play the video below... keep in mind it takes a while for the topic to come up, but eventually a college students asks Ferrell if he would fund an Arrested Development movie for Arnet... then the good news spills out like a golden magic milk shake.

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