Monday, February 25, 2008

The Only Reason to Watch the Oscars Last Night

Well, I'll be a monkey's step-uncle, the Oscars got something right. Last night, I deliberately missed the Oscars... I know... How could I? Well, it's okay, because I consider the show to be a bloated self aggrandizing mess... HOWEVER! Despite my cynicism, every once in a while the Academy and Television Producers get something right. Last night that was the world wide audience being allowed an opportunity to watch Marekta Irglova and Glen Hansard play their little song, "Falling Slowly" to millions and millions of people. I cannot believe what I am about to write, but... I agree with Colin Farrell. ONCE was the little movie that could last year. Shot on an independent budget in 17 days, this Movie really is the dream for any independent film maker. No, it did not win best picture, but I will be darned if it was a key part of last nights festivities and the fact those two actors were on that stage speaks volumes to the pursuit of art and story as you want and wish it to be. Congratulations from Art of Function to these wonderful artists. Enjoy the clip above!

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