Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's Over... Greed is Bad.

Well, it happened.
Word spread early last week that the amongst industry insiders that the strike was ending. Back door whispering turned to online blog postings and then Michael Eisner decided to scoop everyone and blurt out that a deal had been reached. Tuesday it finally came out for sure, that the Strike was ending.

With abhorent disgust I watched the WGA leadership gloat over how great their accomplishment was. Patrice Verrone (who may have the most girlish name, I've ever heard for a man) puffed his chest and claimed that this was the single greatest victory for Labor in almost 30 years. This would have been an achievement if they had managed to do this without a strike. That would have been something to stand up and applaud, Mr. Verrone. If you and your cronies had managed to actually negotiate a deal. Instead you just piggy backed the work of another Union.

So, instead of clapping, Mr. Verrone, please accept my one finger salute.

The reality of this strike was that our economy in California lost two billion dollars in revenue, people lost their jobs, people lost their homes. True it does go to show you how important writing is to the industry. However, I will contend that this strike was about greed, not about fairness or just pay scales. It was about greed.

I included the photo above, because to me it represents how 'serious' the writers took this strike, and its impact. While dozens of people lost salaries, benefits and struggled to get by, the writers played dress up and made clever signs. For them this was simply an extended vacation.

I can do nothing but shake my head.

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